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Die Geschichte einer Frau [aus dem Archiv]

 Sound Installation | 2020

Die Geschichte einer Frau [aus dem Archiv] is the first work from The Archive of the Self-Exilers, an on-going project based on interviews conducted with Jewish Israeli women artists who chose self-exile as a political statement, as an oppositional stance to one’s government’s policies, as an act of resistance to the narratives they were raised upon.

In a monologue, told in the German language, a woman reveals her story; a story that can be perceived as both German and Israeli at the same time. While the speaker’s identity is not clear, two "Geschichten" (Stories/Histories) can be recognized or imagined. These "Geschichten" do not only tell about the past but also reflect on the present time both in Israel and Germany.

The title Die Geschichte einer Frau [aus dem Archiv] can be seen as a paraphrase on the title Geschichte eines Deutschen: Die Erinnerungen 1914–1933 ("The Story of a German/Memoirs 1914-1933"), a book written by Sebastian Haffner.

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