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From 2022  PhD candidate, Visual Cultures Department, Goldsmiths University of   


2014-2016  MFA, Public Art and New Artistic Strategies, Bauhaus-Universität


     2006  Photography studies, School of Visual Arts, New York

2004-2008  BFA, Bezalel Academy for Art and Design, Jerusalem

     2003  Film Studies at HaMidrasha school of Art, Beit-Berl

Selected Exhibitions, Performances, Talks and Workshops

     2023  Conference, "Postmigrant Reconfigurations: New Approaches to

           Contemporary German-language Jewish Cultural Production"

           Institute of Languages, Cultures, and Societies, School of Advanced

           Study, University of London

           Paper Title: The Archive of The Self-Exilers | Jewish Women Artists

           in Resistance          

     2022  Home, Group Exhibition, Blue Goat Gallery, Berlin

     2022  Artist Talk, Jewish Activism Summer School [JASS], Berlin

2019-2022  Member of Reflektor-Neukölln Kunstkollektive

     2020  Die Geschichte einer Frau [aus dem Archiv], Sound Installation, Group              Exhibition, Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz,Berlin

     2020  Das Mahl der Verdrängten, Performance with Reflektor-Neukölln       

           Kollektiv, Elfter Gängeviertel-Geburtstag, Hamburg

     2020  Das Zimmer: Vier Wände, ein Fenster und Ich, Performance with  

           Reflektor-Neukölln Kollektiv, Herrfurthplatz\Tempelhofer Feld, Berlin

     2019  Just a Simple Algorithm, Performance, "Verbindung", Group Exhibition,

           Reflektor-Neukölln Gallery, Berlin

     2019  Das Mahl der Verdrängten, Performance with Reflektor-Neukölln

           Kollektiv, Rathaus Charlottenburg Berlin

     2018  "Art Matters, Reclaim the Discourse", Workshop Series, Robert Bosch

           Cultural Managers Network, Berlin

     2017  "Art Matters, Contemporary Arts Practices in Post-Migrant Societies",

           Workshop Series, Robert Bosch Cultural Managers Network, Berlin

     2017  "IMPACT17 – Don’t Follow the Wind", Transdisciplinary Symposium, PACT

           Zollverein, Essen

     2017  Land|Sea, In collaboration with Vanessa Brazeau, Participatory Project,

           Giennale, Giessen    

     2017  "Month of Research - Exploring Collaborative Investigation",

           Uferstudios, Berlin

     2016  From A to B: Learning the Art of Balancing, Performance, "Art Spin",   


     2016  Public Reading of the Daily Newspaper, Participatory project, Weimar

     2016  Just a Simple Algorithm, Performance, "You say Art I Say What", Group

           Exhibition, ProjektZentrum Berlin der Stiftung Mercator, Berlin

     2016  Sub-Space, International Photography Festival, Group Exhibition, Jaffa

     2015  Don’t Tell Yourself not to Tell Yourself not to Panic and Follow Me,

           Performance, 2nd Berliner Herbstsalon, Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin

     2015  Just a Simple Algorithm, Performance, "There is an exhibition in  

           prison. It is called crack", Group Exhibition, Ehemalige

           Justizvollzugsanstalt, Weimar

     2015  Über Pässe, Performance, Weimar

     2015  Work, Group Exhibition, Other Music Academy, Weimar

     2014  Art Vending Machine, Jewish Museum Berlin, Berlin

     2012  Reference, Group Exhibition, Binyamin Gallery, Tel Aviv

     2012  Passengers list, Group Exhibition, Hanina Art Gallery, Tel Aviv

     2012  Beyond Illusion, Group Exhibition, Space for Art Gallery, Jaffa

     2011  Requiem- Incomplete Chapters, Solo Exhibition, the New Artists Gallery,

           Kiryat Tivon

     2011  Constructions, Group Exhibition, Indie Gallery, Tel Aviv

     2010  Qui Vive?, 2nd Moscow International Biennial for Young Art, Moscow

Grants and Scholarships

     2016  Frauenförderfonds, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

           Kreativfonds, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar

2015-2016  DAAD Stipendium

Daphna Westerman is an interdisciplinary artist and performer based in Berlin.

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